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2014 NCFAPN Membership Updates

Posted almost 5 years ago

Dear New or Returning Members;

Greetings!!! Welcome to the North Central Florida Advanced Practice Nurses organization.
We are dedicated to advancing your education, collegial relationships and community affiliation.
We provide extraordinary opportunities for networking and fellowship among medical professionals. 

We EMBRACE the individuals that have not had that success. Please review facts below for clarification.

Potential NCFAPN.ORG members-our SINCERE-APOLOGIES for the 2014 membership registration confusion. We CONGRATULATE the multitude that have successfully navigated our 2014 membership process

The NCFAPN board reviewed and voted to adopt/endorse a NEW system:"Membership Management Pro". The "PAYPAL" electronic payment management system is imbedded in program for continuity/convenience. Membership Management Pro is a revolutionary system/program created to better manage membership and improve communication for eNP network professional associates. It has been adopted by FNPN as well as many other NP groups nationally.

There was a ROGUE email sent out early January, this was NOT generated by NCFAPN governing board. ALL membership registration/checks that were sent in will be returned ASAP. (not accepted).

Please visit our website and to "Become a Member" complete the registration and paypal payment procedure.

We have had many register successfully, but-if you need further assist, contact

Thank you for your support and advocacy--we hope to see you at a meeting soon.
Sincerely, The NCFAPN Board of Directors